The Shala offers a wide range of classes for all levels. Each of our instructors offers variations for both beginners and seasoned yoga students.   No matter what level you are at, we will help you attain your goals and met your expectations.

We humbly ask that students arrive to class at least 10 minutes early to register and get signed in and settled into your practice. Students arriving late will be asked not to disturb a class already in session. Thank you for helping us maintain a sacred space for our practices to flourish. We do reserve the right to change instructors or classes at any time. The most updated class listing & instructor can always be found on our Online Schedule.   Thank you.



Dharma Vinyasa  

–  Rukmini Devi

This practice builds on the fundamentals of yoga, and is designed for those wishing to advance in posture practice. Dharma yoga will ignite the entire bodily system through practice. A series of deeper balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted variations. This practice finishes with Deep Relaxation, breathing practices, and concentration/meditation, which will induce deep calm and simultaneously invigorate the students.

Vicki Howie Empowering Anusara Flow Yoga

– Vicki Howie
A powerful Anusara-based flow class that balances your masculine and feminine energies to bring you into a deep state of yoga (union). It’s based on a heart-centered, age-old tantric philosophy of intrinsic joy and goodness.
This class will:
~ Be fun, challenging and full of “aha moments”
~ Invite you to balance strength and flexibility for better equanimity
~ Show you how to physically and energetically align with your highest nature
~ Offer therapeutic information and adjustments (when needed)
~ Contain life-affirming themes that inspire you on and off the mat


Empowering Yin Flow

A refreshing dive into the lunar energy that our culture often ignores, empowering yin contains slow steady flow and deep inner focus. The class is taught in a circle (space permitting) for a more connected group experience.

This class will:

~ Take you deep into your hips and heart

~ Emphasize connection to self and others

~ Create a deep, sensual, inner awareness

~ Leave you feeling centered, peaceful and renewed


Carrie-Konyha-yoga-Sedona-AZGentle Hatha Yoga

– Carrie Konyha

A classical Hatha yoga class format suitable for beginners and open to all. Develop a strong foundation while refining proper alignment, exploring variety & cultivating a balanced yoga practice rooted in the eight-fold path of Raja yoga! The focus of this class encompasses proper asana (posture) alignment, pranayama (breath work) & meditation with the intention of developing a deeper mind, body, heart & spirit connection with yourself through guided yoga practice. This is a great class to get grounded in the foundations of yoga.


paschimottasana not sexyYoga Therapeutics

-Tamara Faust

Yoga Therapeutics integrates yoga with self-care massage techniques to bring balance to our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Explore therapeutic applications of a variety of yoga styles including Traditional Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara, Yin, Restorative and Mindfulness Yoga in conjunction with simple, self-applied Thai Massage and Neuromuscular bodywork techniques. This is an all levels class where participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring personal requests to address their unique therapeutic needs. Examples of topics explored are: structural imbalances such as back pain and injury recovery; nervous system disorders such as stress reduction and insomnia; endocrine nurturing for thyroid and hormonal imbalances; depression and anxiety care; digestive distress and more. Those without specific therapeutic needs are also encouraged to attend. Each class is a well-rounded practice incorporating active movement, breath work, meditation and deep relaxation.



-Donica Tomko and Tanaya Gallagher

The Yoga of Awareness

Kundalini Yoga is a technology and science that uses prana, asana, and mantra to:

~ Heal the nervous system

~ Prevent disease

~ Balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems 

~ Balance both hemispheres of the brain

~ Build Vital Glands and Good Circulation

~ Greater awareness of the impact of your actions

~ Strengthen and balance the electro-magnetic field of your aura


Through breath and meditation:

~ Calm the Mind

~ Clear the subconscious of limiting patterns and doubt

~ Move darkness to the Light!

Tune In and connect to your divine radiance within!




Restorative Yoga

– Cat Sullivan

This class offers all the benefits that yoga provides in spite of any limitations that may have stopped you. Slow moving postures that are supported by a chair or wall, will support us through our practice. This rehabilitating practice is for any injuries or challenges that may have come into your life and help you to look at them as opportunities to grow as a creative and loving being for those around you and for yourself! Excellent class for elderly and people that have injuries from participating in high impact sports. Chairs available upon request

night+&+dayYin yoga

– Darcy Cavanaugh
Oriented toward cultivating inner stillness, Yin Yoga is a quiet and rejuvenating practice.  As we turn our attention inward, we focus on long, floor based holds.  Allowing the earth and props to support us, we deepen our awareness into the connective tissues in the body.  This is where the transformation happens.  A very therapeutic practice, Yin Yoga is a wonderful and accessible practice for all levels.

-A quiet and reflective practice for all level -Great for increasing flexibility and releasing sore and tense muscles

-Helps improve overall vitality by increasing energy flow and removing blockages


Foundational for All

-Bryan Huseby

The practice of Asana is a delicate balance of proper joint alignment through correct muscle activation and relaxation to bring about the undoing of the imbalances and postural distortions that occur from years of daily habitual internal and external activities (externally how we interact with our environment and internally our thoughts and emotions).   Each class will explore the selected Asana in depth to provide a foundation of proper joint alignment, muscle activation and relaxation that, with consistent and correct practice will develop lightness and grace of movement while balancing neuromuscular control, correcting postural imbalances and providing an overall sense of wholeness and well being.


DSC06115Acro Yoga and Partner Jam

– hosted by Aya and Friends

The AcroYoga Partner Jam class will allow you to:

• Be a beginner again and enjoy playing, tumbling & laughing.

• Learn how to “fly”, how to “base” and how to be a safe “spotter” in basic AcroYoga positions & flows.

• Learn deep mutual trust & communication with a partner.

• Strengthen your core practice.

• Become a part of rebuilding the spirit of community.

This weekly class is offering an open AcroYoga & Partner Jam space co-creating a safe environment to share skills and to support each other in the following related practices: partner balances & asanas, therapeutic (“Lunar”) AcroYoga positions & flows, trust & safety skills, spotting techniques, strength & core drills, inversions & handstand positions, Thai massage and free Acro-Yoga exploration.

The particularity of AcroYoga, compared to yoga, is that you cannot practice it by yourself on your mat. You need to find partners, engage them and learn together. Actually AcroYoga is practiced in a triangle of awareness: between a “base” (playing with gravity), a “flyer” (playing with levity), and a “spotter” who is the safety person. The AcroYoga & Partner Jam Class at the Sedona Yoga Shala is offered by Aya and friends. Aya is not a certified AcroYoga teacher; however he is the official acroyoga,org Jam facilitator (or “Jambassador”) for Sedona. Aya is a passionate of AcroYoga and would like to see this practice ignite young people all over the world… Because the AcroYoga Jam program is sponsored and promoted by the global community, we will benefit from visiting AcroYoga practitioners and teachers coming and enriching our practice… Know thyself, support others and enjoy community.

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Hatha – Anatomy of a Yogi

– Anna Sirotin

In this introductory class we will explore both the spiritual and physical anatomy as it relates to Hatha Yoga. This is an educational and immersive practice where we will discuss the body’s function as it flows through the different asanas. Prepare to find the meaning behind your movements in this lighthearted flow that will leave you learning something new about yourself and your practice after each class!

In this class you can expect to…

-Bring awareness to the physical movement of each asana by learning the related anatomical structures

-Deepen your practice by acknowledging the spiritual component of your flow

-Explore the importance of alignment both in the body and with higher truth